Bangalore to Mysore – An Enjoyable Drive

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Bangalore to Mysore is a moderately short and scenic journey that takes the traveller through the countryside of Karnataka. The route has its own attractions. One can enjoy the many cafes and dhabas on the way or take some interesting detours. Ramanagara is famous for its rocky formations – this is the same village which was immortalized in the Western-inspired Hindi movie, Sholay. Close to Mandya, which is en-route to Mysore the Shivasamudram falls is a magnificent site. The Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is another example of the natural beauty that falls on this 150-km route on the NH275.

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There are many options if one is looking for a Bangalore to Mysore one way taxi, and self drive rentals are becoming popular because of the privacy and flexibility they offer the customer. In a rental car, one is free to explore the various sites, and it also allows the driver more control over the schedule – ideal for a work trip.

Efficient Business Trip Transport

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Mysore is a growing business center and fertile ground for industry and innovation. Companies like Infosys, Wipro and L&T have a presence in this hub. On a business trip to the city, it is always a better option to have transport available at all times, rather than rely on public services or cabs. With a rental one can easily accomplish the dash from the hotel to the meeting point or industrial site and back.

Mysore Attraction

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Mysore – Culture Capital

A self drive car is the best way to explore the palaces and gardens of Mysore. With its blend of global and local architecture and sheer scale, the Mysore Palace is one of the most imposing structures in South India, attracting millions every year. It is the residence of the royal family – the Wadiyars. Other important architectural landmarks of Mysore include the neo-Gothic inspired St. Philomena’s Cathedral and the Jaganmohan Palace, which also houses an art gallery.

Zoological Gardens- Mysore

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The Mysore Zoo is one of the oldest in India and houses a wide spectrum of species from across the world. Highlights include the African lion enclosure and the resident population of tigers and leopards. The Karanji Park adjoining the zoo is a wonderful place to take a nice walk. Another great place to visit is the Race Course, which is at the foot of the Chamundi Hills. The drive up Chamundi Hills is a pleasant one, flanked by forest. The view from the summit is the reward for the climb. It is also the site for a very important temple.

Mysore Attraction

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A drive to Srirangapatna is always recommended. This historical town is home to the fort of Tipu Sultan and also commemorates his legacy and the place where he fought his last battle.

Rental cars have several advantages as they provide an end-to-end solution where the customer is in total control. Companies like Zoomcar offer app-based booking and 24/7 on-road support which adds convenience and security to the entire experience. Open-ended journeys are always more fun and a trip to Mysore deserves to be had on one’s own terms – which is why self drive is the way to explore.


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