Aroma Magic Neem & Tea Tree Face Wash : Review

aroma magic neem & tea tree face wash

Guest Post by Sam Sheokand

Oil control, acne control, neem, tea tree oil etc are the key words, that attracts me towards face washes specially during summer. I have oily skin, which is acne prone too. For me oil control leads to acne control too. Oil & dirt are the basic reason behind my acne spots. I make sure to keep my skin oil & dirt free. Aroma Magic is a trusted brand. It hardly fails on my skin. When I spotted this face wash online, on Amazon, I instantly added it to my cart. I am going to share my experience with this face wash. Hope it helps you too, if you have oily skin like mine.

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About Aroma Magic Neem & Tea Tree Face Wash

Aroma Magic is an old & very reputed brand. It caters to our skin, hair & body care needs. It offers quality products at affordable prices.

Neem & Tea Tree face wash, is formulated with Neem, Tea Tree oil, Rose Extracts & Lavender Oil mainly. The face wash is free of artificial coloring, alcohol, parabene, soap & fragrance.  Neem & Rose extracts helps to cure acne while Tea Tree Oil & Lavender Oil soothes skin irritation and prevents blackheads. Vitamins present in the face wash helps to lighten the ark spots while revealing even toned skin.

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Rs. 135 for 100ml. Buy here.

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The face wash comes in a very attractive & refreshing packaging. It comes in ombre green colored plastic bottle with a flip top cap at the top. On the front of the plastic bottle there are some beautiful flowers printed while at the back all the information about the face wash has been printed.

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Color, Texture & Smell

It is yellowish green colored gel type face wash which lathers well while diluted with water. face washing with this face wash becomes a rejuvenating experience as it smells mainly of tea tree oil. The smell is not overpowering but is pleasant. Washing off the face wash does not require much effort, but requires as much water as any other gel based face wash would require.

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My Experience

Acne control/oil control face washes are generally drying in nature. They dry out skin so much that skin produces more oil as a result. Which totally beats the benefits of using an oil control face wash.

Aroma Magic Neem & Tea Tree Face Wash, is a non drying face wash. It does not dry out my skin even a bit. I do not feel any stretchy feeling after washing my face with this face wash. I think Rose Extracts moisturizes skin while Neem & Tea Tree Oil cleanses it.

This is my second bottle of this face wash. Since summers knocked on our doors early this year, my skin was producing a lot of oil and would feel sticky after 2 hours of through cleansing.

But this face wash is proving to be very effective. My skin feels normal, no dryness, no oiliness. My skin is behaving like a good girl. As a result my face is spots free too.

The face wash is economical, as little amount of the gel face wash is required for each application.

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  • Gel based refreshing face wash.
  • Contains Neem, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil & Rose Extracts.
  • Free of parabenes, artificial colors, fragrance & soap.
  • Lathers well.
  • Does not dry out skin.
  • Controls oil & keeps skin fresh for long hours.
  • Normalizes skin with regular usage.
  • Specially meant for oily skin.
  • Affordable & economical.


  • None

Summary : 5/5

This is one hell of an oil balancing face wash that I have come across. I love everything about it, the herbal composition, the gel based texture, the smell & the affordable pricing. It is a must try face wash for oily skin beauties.

Which face wash do you use during summer? Have you used this face wash? Leave your comments.


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    • Yes Avanti, do try it. I am sure you are going to like it too.

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