Aroma Magic 7 Steps Bridal Glow Facial Kit : Review

Guest Review By Nidhi Dabral

Nisha has Oily skin type, while my skin type is Normal. The contents of Aroma Magic 7 Steps Bridal Glow Facial Kit contain quite creamy consistency. So she handed over this facial kit to me to test it out for her. I am glad she did. I was suffering from little bit tanning on my face. Nothing major, but I could definitely use a cleanup. Let me walk through the facial kit contents & the process, which helped me get back my natural glow.

About Aroma Magic 7 Steps Bridal Glow Facial

Aroma Magic 7 step Facial kits is introduced as Salon Range. They are used in Salons mostly but are not limited. We can use them at home at our convenience.

The Facial Kits are formulated with unique & natural ingredients to counteract the damage due to environmental pollution & stress leaving skin polished & rejuvenated.

  • Enhances Natural Glow
  • Imparts Dazzling Radiance
  • Revitalises From Within
  • Suitable Skin Types

Aroma Magic Bridal Glow 7 steps Facial Kit (2)


Rs. 725 for 5 usage kit. One kit costs about 180 bucks though.


The facial kit comes in a pack of 5 individual kits which again contain 7 steps of the facial regimen. A single facial kit contains:

  1. Creamy  Face Cleanser
  2. Exfol Gel
  3. Skin Serum
  4. Nourishing Cream
  5. Face Pack
  6. Hydrating Gel
  7. Sunscreen


My Experience

This is a 7 step facial kit. I shall share my experience with this facial kit step by step as I used the components.

Step 1 – Facial Cleanser

Ingredients – Natural extracts of Turmeric, Rose, Lemon Peel, pure essential oils of Geranium, Lavendar, Ylang Ylang & Vegetable Waxes.

Step 1 - Facial Cleanser

The facial cleanser is the very first content of the facial kit to be used. It is a creamy cleanser. It is supposed to be massaged on to the face for 3 minutes & then wiped off with a wet cotton.

I have Normal skin type & the facial cleanser felt really good on my skin type. My face looked clearer since it took care of the dirt & grime off my face. It smells nice & mild.

Step 2 – Exfol Gel

Ingredients – Extracts of Peppermint, Sage, Cornflower, Fruity acids of Sugarcane and pure essential oils of Peppermint, Orange & Lavender.

Step 2 Exfol Gel

This is a pinkish thick gel. Although it is named as Exfol Gel, there are no scrubbing particles. It gives cooling sensation since it contains Peppermint. Initially I though it’s just a gel. But instructions says that it is supposed to be kept as a mask for about 10 minutes and then scrubbed off with dry fingers. I somehow missed the instructions & just washed it off without scrubbing it. Later I used a separate scrub.

Step 3 – Skin Serum

Ingredients – Apricot, Elder Flower, Carrot, Basil Jasmine, Organic Fruit Acid.

Step 3 Face Serum

The serum comes in a glass ampule which is very hard to break and one must be really careful while using & disposing it.

The serum is like water and non sticky texture wise. The skin serum is packed with a lot of power packed ingredients. This face serum targets age signs by its lifting & firming action. It rejuvenates skin cells & balances moisture levels. Removes fine lines and keeps skin young & glowing.

Step 3 - Face Serum

I applied this serum on my face and neck & left it for 3 minutes. I can not judge it’s firming effect since I am in early 20’s. But it definitely felt good.

Step 4 – Nourishing Cream

Ingredients – Extracts of Rosemary, Jasmine, Vitamin A,C,E and pure essential oils of Geranium, Vetiver & Peppermint.

Step 4 Nourishing Cream

This is a massage cream packed in the facial kit. Normal to dry skin would really love the consistency & the calming effect on the skin. It is very smooth & velvety to touch. Facial massage helps to boost up blood circulation & imparts glow as a result.

My skin’ dryness & flakiness was taken care of by this massage cream. I was really impressed by the natural ingredients that this cream is formulated with.

This cream is supposed to be massaged for around 15 minutes before wiping away with wet cotton.

Step 5 – Face Pack

Ingredients – Organic Fruit Acid, Extracts of Orange peel, Clove and pure essential oils of  Neroli, Orange & Petitgrain.
Step 5 Face PAck

This is a creamy AHA face pack. AHA is good to erase age signs. It helps to lighten & brighten skin complexion & promotes healthy glow on face.

The face pack is supposed to be mixed & applied with Hydrating Gel that I am going to talk about next.

Step 6 – Hydrating Gel

Ingredients – Extracts of Seaweed, Lotus , Flax Seed, Aloe Vera and pure pure essential oils of  Neroli, Rose & Lavender.

Step 6 Hydrating Gel

This yellowish gel gives a calming effect to the skin. It calms down skin’s irritation & redness due to the presence of Seaweed. It is little difficult to mix the face pack and this hydrating gel but gives a nice consistency upon mixing well.

Apply the mixture for about 15 minutes and then wipe of with wet cotton.

Step 7 – Sunscreen

Ingredients – Extracts of Cucumber, Green Tea, Lemon, Aloe Vera, Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Benzaaphenone, Vitamins A,C,E & pure essential oils of Orange Blossom & Lavender.

Step 7 - Sunscreen

A sunscreen is must after doing a clean up facial be it salon or at home. Hence aroma Magic supplies a specially formulated sunscreen with all it facial kits to protect skin from harmful UVA & UVB sun rays. It is formulated with natural sun blocking agents.

The consistency of the white colored sunscreen from this kit is non oily and fast absorbing. It gives matte finish. There is little white cast after using the sunscreen, but is manageable. SPF content of the sunscreen is not mentioned, though.

This concludes the facial steps of the Bridal Facial Kit from Aroma Magic. The process is little long. But you definitely enjoy a wonderful clean up at home. Try it sometime.


  • Salon range facial kit for home use.
  • Gives a nice clean up at affordable price.
  • Suitable for Normal to Dry skin.
  • Gives nice glow & takes care of the dead skin & tanning with just first use.


  • Too many steps.
  • It is meant to be used for all skin types, but I really doubt it. The facial kit has too many creamy components which might clog oily & acne prone skin.

Summary : 4.5/5

For Normal To Dry Skin, Aroma Magic Bridal Facial Kit, is a very good at home clean up facial. It is affordable & gives very nice results with first use. I would not recommend this particular version to oily skins, but Aroma Magic Skin Glow Facial Kit is definitely meant for all skin types.

Hope you liked my first piece on High On Gloss. Hope to write more here.


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