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A Foundation in makeup is a skin coloured liquid, cream or powder applied on skin to hide the imperfections, evening out the complexion. Foundations have different formulations to match different skin types and skin tones. Let’s talk about the basics of foundation makeup today.

Type Of Coverage

Sheer Coverage

A problem free skin does not need much covering. For this type of skin, a sheer coverage foundation works well so that the skin will be able to breath and the makeup will look natural too. Sheer coverage foundations only evens out skin/complexion giving it a healthy glow, for example Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, Geri G foundation etc.

Medium Coverage 

When you have some spots here and there or little pigmented skin, you might go for a medium coverage foundation. Most of the foundations offer medium coverage. You may consider Lakme 9 to 5 weightless Mousse Foundation or Lakme Absolute Mousse, they are very light on skin and still give you nice coverage.

High Coverage

When you are going through a very bad skin phase for example acne breakouts are not leaving you alone then high coverage foundations come and give you confidence to step out of house. MAC Studio Fix, Lakme Absolute White Intense Cover, Revlon Colorstay Foundation , Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation etc might help you out.

Types Of Foundation

Liquid Foundations

Liquid foundations generally suit every type of skin, dry, oily, combination & normal. They are of running consistency hence easy to apply and blend. They are easy to build up too. These are mostly water based to prevent acne breakouts.

Cream Foundations

Cream foundations are formulated with cream of course and are meant to be used on normal to dry skin. Oily/combination skin should always steer clear of cream based foundations. Cream based foundations give a boost of moisture to dry skin and a sheer radiance too.

Powder Foundation

They are tagged as Mineral foundations. They contain minerals to help skin and color pigments to cover the imperfections. They are mostly proffered by oily skin people because they lack of any kind of moisture. Also these kind of foundations need a very even and good blending other wise the face may look chalky.

Determine Your Skin Tone

Warm Tone

Check under your wrist, if your veins look green, you have warm under tones. Also you can take a jewellery test. If gold jewellery flatters your skin colour, you have warm skin tone.

Cool Tone

If the veins under your wrist look blue, you have cool skin tone. Also, silver jewellery will look good on you.

Neutral Tone

You are lucky. If your wrist veins are bluish green or greenish blue, you have neutral undertones. You can carry off any lip shade.


How To Choose A Foundation Shade

Based On Skin Type

It is very important that you choose a foundation on the basis of its formulation to suit your skin type. For example if you have dry skin, you should go for a cream or liquid based foundation while powder foundations mostly suit oily skins. Also If you have acne prone skin, you should not use a cream based foundation.

Based On Skin Tone

Another important aspect to choose a foundation is to match the foundation tone with the undertones of your skin.

Warm Skin Tone– If you have warm skin tone, you should choose a yellow based foundation. Yellow is the undertone of your skin tone, as well as that of the foundation. After that you can go for a shade- light, medium or dark but with yellow undertone. Beige generally denote yellow undertones. Look out for shade name such as natural beige, sand beige, honey beige etc.

Cool Skin Tone – These type of skin tones have pink hues. Hence people with cool tone should look for cool undertone foundations. Mostly Ivory, Rose Ivory etc are the shades which has pink hues.

Neutral Skin Tone – As I said earlier, you are lucky. Just grab what feels closest to you skin colour. Be it yellow or pink hued.


That was all about the basics of what is a foundation. Another important aspect of foundations is to learn how to apply them. Since the post was running too long, I decided to break it into 2 separate posts. The 2nd volume, how to apply foundation to achieve different types of coverage, will be out very soon.

Update: All About Foundations Volume 2

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