AHAGlow S Foaming Face Wash : Review

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Hello Girls.

AHAGlow has been quite an obedient face wash for me and I am regular with this. Recently I thought about trying out the foaming version of the same known as AHAGlow S Foaming Face Wash. I find this face wash to be more potent than the basic version, since it also contains Salicylic Acid in conjunction with Glycolic Acid. I feel this is another nice addition to my vanity. Let’s jump straight to the details.

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About AHAGlow S Foaming Face Wash

This is a foaming face wash which contains Salicylic Acid & Glycolic Acid. Both ingredeitns are known to mildly exfoliate skin at micro level so that pores are unclogged giving you clearer skin. The face wash also contains Aloe Extracts to sooth down the skin and neutralize the strong effect of the acids in the face wash. The face wash is best suitable for oily ad acne prone skin.

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Rs. 370 for 60ml.


It mainly contains Aloe Extracts, Salicyclic Acid & Glycolic Acid. For complete ingredient list, refer to the picture below.

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How To Use

It is very important to follow company’s guidelines as how to use a product when it is specifically formulated with potent ingredients. This face wash is supposed to be applied on to the skin and massaged well for 20-30 seconds avoiding the eyes and around. To be used twice daily for effective results. I used it once a day for the initial few days and later twice a day when my skin got comfortable with the face wash.


The foaming face wash comes in a pump packaging for the obvious reasons. The face wash comes in a transparent plastic cylindrical  and sleek bottle with a pump fitted at the top and covered with a plastic cap since the pump does not have any lock feature. The pump conveniently disperse a dollop of foam which is enough to cover my face. The packaging has abstract colorful graphics which makes the bottle attractive. I found the packaging is travel friendly due to it’s size and quality.

Colour, Texture & Smell

It is a white coloured foaming face wash, that’s how I can describe the texture of the face wash. The bottle contains clear liquid but dispenses foam which is directly applied on to the skin.

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My Experience

I went to a nearby pharmacy to buy AHAGlow, the basic version of the face wash, but it was out of stock and they had AHAGlow S with them. I thought, yeah sure let me give this one a try. It sure sounded great since it also contained Salicylic acid which was absent in the basic version. Also it was a foaming face wash as opposed to it’s basic version.

I have used Salicylic Face Wash in the past which also contained Salicylic Acid & was a foaming face wash. I was sure there were not going to be adverse effects since my acne prone skin loves products containing Salicylic Acid. A combination of Glycolic & Salicylic Acid is rather strong. And hence it showed the result in same magnitude on my face. My face actually purged little bit in the starting days of using this AHAGlow S foaming face wash. It was little flaky and dry. But Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser took care of those concerns. Slowly the purging action sorted out and I really am admiring the results now. My face is clearer with out any bumps or black/white heads.

I would say this is a strong combination and you must be ready to receive some strong (side) effects of the same. But after a while your skin gets used to the combination and you will find that your skin is happy. But skin becomes photosensitive because of using such strong acidic formulations and one must use proper sun protection to prevent any sun damage.

If I stop using the face wash, my face looks dull & my pores look enormous. Hence I always restock it even before it’s over.

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  • Foaming face wash.
  • Contains Aloe Extracts, Glycolic & Salicylic Acid.
  • Also contains Aloe Extracts to sooth down skin.
  • Cleanses skin thoroughly.
  • Good for oily & acne prone skin.
  • Skin looks clearer.
  • Easy to use and carry around.
  • Did not give any allergies.


  • Might dry out skin little bit in the initial days of using this face wash.
  • Little pricey too.
  • I find foaming face wash to give me a slippery feeling so does this one.

AhaGlow Vs AhaGlow S

The question is basic & obvious. Which one is better? Which one of the two face washes, one should use?

Ahaglow face wash is a starter face wash according to me. If you have not ever used any Glycolic acid based product, but have oily & acne prone skin, go for AhaGlow face wash. Gradually, after using the basic version for about few months, if you think your skin has adapted well, you can go for AhaGlow S face wash which contains 1% Glycolic acid & 2% Salicylic acid along with Aloe Extract.

AhaGlow S is stronger than Ahaglow face wash and can peel off your skin mildly in the first week. Your skin will get better after that. Do not forget to use a nice moisturizer after using the face wash.

Summary : 4.5

Like AhaGlow Face Wash, AhaGlow S is also a great face wash for acne prone and oily skin for summers. It unclogs pores of dirt & oil by mildly exfoliating skin at a micro level. This might feel bit drying at first but skin gets used to the formulation pretty soon.


UPDATE: I have stopped using this face wash, because using this for a long time, my skin is not able to regenerate.  My skin is going through a withdraw phase. I am seeing huge pores & acne. Going back to natural stuff. 

What I am using now? Botanic Love Acne Mask is a great help.



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