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Hi, I am Nisha Malik a.k.a. Usha Sheokand from Delhi. Glad that you would like to know me more. Professionally, I have spent about ten precious years of my youth with C# and its accessories. Now am starting the second inning of my life.  I am also a mother to a 2.5 years old naughty boy. Since he came into my life, I have become an altogether different and new person. My prospective to see life has changed and in a good way I would say.

How I got obsessed with cosmetic products?

During teenage days, I remember using Mom’s Pond’s cream. I used to love that smell, and its feel on my skin. Later I came face to face with Acne. I experimented (still do) with a lot of skin care products. I became a hauler.  Gradually learned how to hide my skin imperfections with makeup to face the world (sigh). I still constantly struggle to keep my skin acne free.

Love for lipsticks is another thing. I love lipsticks and my favourite colour among lippies is bubble gum pink. It complements my wheatish skin tone.

My skin type is oily, acne prone & sensitive. While I have oily scalp and dry hair ends, which makes them naturally wavy. You see, I am a distressed soul trapped in a lot of hair and skin issues.

Why did I start High On Gloss?

Don’t get me wrong if I say I don’t want to be just a software professional anymore. I love coding. The sound of key strokes when I type furiously to attain a functionality is melodious to my ears. I feel proud when I see that I have written thousands of lines of code in just few days. But, I don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t want to deal with classes & objects anymore. I want to deal with cute packaged lipsticks & glosses. I want to smell & tell you how much I liked a fragrance. I want to feel & blabber about the velvet touch of a high end brand night cream. There is so much in this world to explore, which I don’t want to miss anymore.

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Please feel free to write me for any query related to me or my blog at highongloss@gmail.com.

Stay High, Stay Fab.

Nisha Malik ❤

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