7 Shopping Tips to Save Big on Makeup & Beauty

how to save big on skincare and makeup

In the last five years, I have discovered my love for shopping about which I have been a complete ignorant for a considerable amount of time in the past. I like to shop clothes, jhumkis, shoes upto a controlled extent, but, I go crazy when it comes to makeup and personal care items. I am more of a cautious shopper; lots of impulse buys are not my thing. From time to time I shop my heart out within limited resources. This kind of shopping habit can be a little tricky at times. It needs some effort and some self-control. Today I am sharing my 7 most full proof tips that cuts down a heck of your makeup and beauty expenditure. Want to be a shopaholic-turned-shopping-lover? Keep reading.

1. Test Offline & Buy Online

When you are buying personal care goodies, you will have to go either offline or online. While a visit to your nearby beauty store provides you with the chances of tester trials, the shopping websites give alluring discounts. So, be clever and make it a point to spend a little bit of time with those testers-on-display when you are considering about a new product for your next online purchase. This trick has helped me to save a lot on base makeup products like foundation, BB/CC creams with multiple shades and nail paints. After coming home, I buy from an online shopping websites which offers great discount.

2. Buy in Bulk

While making beauty buys, it is best to opt for day-to-day needs all at a time. This trick has multiple benefits. Firstly, the more items you order will in turn increase your bill and after a certain amount you will get some extra perks like free delivery, increase in discount percentage, free product or coupons in both online or offline mode. To get the most out of my haul I like to maintain a list of products I am going to need and make small small savings at the same time. When I am satiated with both my list and accumulated money; then only I make the purchase.

3. Use Coupons

There are plenty of websites which offer great coupons to shop online. All you need is to visit such sites and find the most relevant coupon for you. You can also email subscribe to these websites which daily send out their best offers. Like, I love to shop from Nykaa most of the times, a nice Nykaa Coupon Code cuts down my beauty & makeup bill substantially.  I don’t have to go finding offers and discounts on different online shopping portals, but subscribing to one coupon service gets all the best offers right into my mail box.

4. Watch Out for Offers

If you want to save big on your makeup, skin and hair care items then you will have to sacrifice some of your ‘couch potato’ time (read your free time!) and put that into use by checking out the offer status of your favorite online store or beauty store. You may email-subscribe some of your frequently used shopping sites as well. I always try to buy products when they are on sale. I eye for more than 20-25% discount. This way, my total savings often sum up to a considerable amount with which I can get some more products of my liking. You will understand the value of this trick if your target goodies are of medium to high range.

5. Assess the Need & Prevent Impulse Buys

Keeping hold on the habit of buying anything and everything catching the eye is very essential to lash your beauty, hair and skin care expenses. Once out of this shopper’s dilemma to buy or not to buy is entirely on one’s own hand. Fortunately or unfortunately our Indian market is filled with gazillions of eye-candy products. So, I often see myself being inclined towards such a one. Instead of placing order instantly I first hunt my stash to find if I have any dupe of it and ask myself how often I am going to use it. If both the questions give satisfactory answers I put into my wishlist and wait for some days to be out of my infatuation. Then I reassess and believe me discarding becomes so easy this time!

6. Seek Opinions Before Buying

Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil Teal - Real Time Swatch

Looking for a Teal liner? 

Makeup products or personal care items are prone to skin’s suitability, current condition and seasonal skin requirements. And practically it is not possible to check every new item beforehand as cosmetic products come sealed to prevent contamination. If you have purchased an unsuitable high end product even once you will understand what I am trying to say. After the growth of Blog-o-sphere I have saved huge amount of my hard earned money getting down the drain. The funda is simple, if you are planning to buy something, read lots of reviews online. The more you read, the wider your perspective will be because there are every types of skin, every undertone, every complexion and every condition there among the blogger and youtuber community. It’s awesome for your budget saver beauty purchases if you can find one honest blogger or youtuber with similar skin condition and complexion like yours.

7. Stay under Pre-decided Budget

There are some people on earth (including my mom!) who spend a lot of their valuable time to come up with a budget for their beauty products just to forget it entirely when the shopping assistant of the beauty store says some impressing words. Even the online shopping is not free from such malice. It needs maximum 5 clicks to buy a product which makes the chances of exceeding the budget more likely. I myself had to learn a lot of self control to stay on budget. Now, I fix a limiting amount of money on each item before browsing online or offline and carry just enough money summing up my decided expenditure. For online buys, I always opt for cash on delivery option to bind myself within the buying limit of my liquid cash.

These were my few cents to help you save money while shopping for skin care, hair care & makeup. Hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Let me know your tricks to save money.

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