5 Mistakes To Avoid During Navratri Fasting : #Navratri #NavratriHoppers

The fall season fills our lives with new joy every year. After all, it’s the season when we enjoy the greatest festivals every year. The festivals are lined up and we are counting days when #Navratri will start. Navratri fasting is very popular, specially in North India. It’s a way through which we show are devotion to Maa Durga. There are no hard rules to observe the fast. Maa Durga bless us anyway.

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Fasting has health benefits as science says. When you do not eat solids and rather stay on liquid diet your system detoxifies. Toxins are eliminated from your system.  But some people really compromise their health while fasting. Specially those who are observing 9 days long fasts. I am not saying 9 days long fast should not be done but, even one day fasting can take a toll on someone’s health if few mistakes are made. I am going to talk about some mistakes that you should not make while you observe a fast be it any day. This will ensure that you receive the benefits of fasting in true sense along with Maa Durga’s blessings.

1. Not Taking Enough Liquid

Main objective of fasting is not to show off your will power to resists food but to detoxify your body. You should anyway stay hydrated but if you limit your water intake during fasting, this is a serious offence to your health. This way you are actually making your system to work too hard for you to eliminate toxins out of your body.

Have Fresh Fruits Juice & Detox Drinks

Image Source – Have Fresh Fruits Juice & Detox Drinks

Do This » You will also notice lack of energy in absence of solid food but you can have fruit juices which are nutrition rich and will quench your thirst.

2. Having Unhealthy Vrat Aahar

You have so many options to replace your regular meals during Navaratri. You can have banana chips, fried potatos, and what not. But these snacks/dishes mainly use rock salt, sugar & oil. Which is not a good idea to have more than required in a single day specially on an empty stomach. You are actually toxicating your system by taking these oily snacks

Have Fresh Fruits For Healthy Fasting

Image Source – Have Fresh Fruits For Healthy Fasting

Do This » Instead try having a fruit whenever you feel hunger pangs. Fruit will keep you active & joyful.

3. Having Too Much Caffeinated Drinks

Tea & Coffee are really helpful to kill hunger pangs for a long time, but having them empty stomach or every time you feel hungry is a definite no-no. They can hurt your system badly.  They would leave you badly dehydrated & insomniac.

Avoid Taking Caffeinated Drinks

Image Source – Avoid Taking Caffeinated Drinks

Do This » You want to drink? You can have a green tea. Or Caffeine free drink. But limit it. Alternate your drinks with homemade fruit juices or detox drinks.

4. Fasting While You Are Unfit

Please do not do this. Maa Durga won’t get mad at you if you are unwell and not able to observe a fast. If you have BP or Sugar problems, then even your doctor won’t advice you to observe fast even for a single day. This will only worsen your condition. After all it’s all about devotion. You don’t have to prove it to anybody. Even pregnant ladies should check with their doctors before observing any fast.

Do This » If you must observe a fast even while being unfit, please talk to your doctor. Take his advice or get a diet planned.

5. Overeating At Night

Navratri Thali

Image Source – Navratri Thali

Night time food offering is special. After resisting food whole day long, it’s hard to resist at night and we generally eat more than required. The Navaratri food is highly oily & contains a lot of sugar too. That is again unhealthy and really overloads your system. Sometimes you might even get stomach pain.

Do This » Do not resist but enjoy every bite of food and you will notice you are full in no time without overeating. Opt for Sabudana khichadi or similar items which are more nutritious and filling.


Hope you are going to take care of your health during this Navaratri days. Have a wonderful time ahead. Please leave your comments below if you have more tips to add to the article.

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  1. Thanks dear for making us aware beforehand…I mostly make these mistakes

  2. I don’t fast during Navratri, even still this post is until applicable for when I do. Very informative and I how detailed you have written it.

  3. To tell u truth …shhh I keep fast for that big thali of Navratri..I can’t resist…ur post is really tempted me to eat yummy bit seriously..this is such an informative post about mistakes we do

  4. The points discussed above like having unhealthy food is much common even I used to opt for that during Ramadan And liquid diet is so much needed

  5. I can totally relate with article as during any fast I tend to over drink tea and coffee which causes acidity.

  6. I completely agree with Amreen! Liquid intake should not be lessened.. My mom needs to read this.. forwarding this to her! Great post

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