15 Gifts That’ll Wow Your Fashion-Obsessed Mom : #MomFiesta

mothers day gift ideas

Mother, Mom, Ma… So many words, but with every word comes a feeling of grattitude for what she has done for us. Can we repay her ever? I don’t think so. But time to time we can shower her with love & pamper her to make her life little easy.

Mother’s day is around the corner. Have you started hoarding up for your mom? Well, I am going to help you a bit here if you have not already. Today I am going to talk about few gifts that will show your mother, especially if she is a fashion lover, that you truly care for her fashionista avatar. If you mom is that always-following-trend kind of mother, there are a handful of fashion stuff that you can gift her. You can tweak few things here and there, to match her own style. You can pack a gift hamper combining a lot of things listed below.

Of course you can gift her Mugs, pillows and such stuff which says ‘Love You Mom’ or ‘Mom, You are The Best’. But if you want to do some thing more than that, you are here for a treat. You will find 15 ideas to pamper your wonderful mother.

I want to say before we start this article that a mother will never judge her child on the basis of the gift she receives. So it does not matter if your gift is small or inexpensive, just the effort that you have put, will give her immense pleasure.

So let’s get started.

Fine Jwellery

This can never go wrong, plus she would appreciate that you are so wise for choosing a lifetime gift. It does not have to be boring gold, rather you can pick from  silver, platinum or mix metal. Does not have to be super costly but make sure to pick a feminine design that speaks of your mother’s personality. You can buy custom made jewelry like a necklace or bracelet with her name or the words ‘Mom’.

mom necklace

The Way She Wants To Smell

A mother has a very special scent. It’s pure. But she might want to smell like roses on some special days. A premium fragrance can never go wrong be it any occasion. You must be already knowing what she likes to wear as her fragrance. It’s an easy gift specially if she likes to wear them more often being a fashionista.

Wardrobe Surprise

A fashionista always does spring cleaning. You can do that for your mom. Don’t throw, but just take out the old clothes making space for new ones which suits her style & taste. You can get her few designer pieces to make it more special. You know what suits your mom the best (besides her smile).

Makeup & Skin Care Hampers

How about preparing a gift hamper collecting her favorite skin care and makeup. You might want to include some moisturizing day creams & serums and an anti ageing cream to take care of her precious skin during night. Choose some nice shades of makeup that complements your mother’s complexion & taste. An all Lavender Body Kit would not hurt your pocket but makes a great gift.

gift hamper for mother

Spa voucher

Spa & massages are great ways to show that you care that she needs some time for herself. You can always send your mother to a rejuvenating trip to her favorite Spa to pamper her like she does you. This will uplift her mood and take off all the tiredness she has been carrying while taking care of every one else.

Shoe Love

There are some mothers who never go anywhere without style. Shoe love can not be left alone. If your mother loves high heels or designer shoes, gift her some. Thank God, there are so many choices out there. You don’t have to even worry about what if the size won’t fit. After all she is your mother, you know her shoe size, don’t ya 🙂

bags and shoes for mother

Statement Bags

Bags are eternal love for a fashion cautious woman. If she loves shoes there are chances that she already has a place in her heart for designer bags too. Its your turn to get her the best. She might not be having enough to go with her every dress. Right?

A Time Piece For The Mother Always On The Move

A classic & elegant gift- a Time Piece. The watch brands come up with so many beautiful ranges of watches for women time to time that they can not be ignored. I am sure your mother would not mind a new watch from the beautiful Titan Raga range.

gift a time piece - watch

Gadget To Assist Her Always

For super techie mom there are a lot of gadgets and are not limited to brand new mobile phone only. If she likes to take care of her health by exercise routines, a fitness band is a nice idea. If she is loves reading, a kindle is way to go. There are also tiny & cute bluetooth speakers available at various online portals. She likes to click? Give her a digicam or a DSLR, if it suits your pocket. So options are numerous, it’s you who needs to decide.

Gym/ Beauty Center Membership

Get her covered for another year, be it a gym membership or a beauty clinic. Every time she is going to use the service paid by you, she will be proud & will wear a faint smile on her lips. How amazing is that?

Good Reads

If she loves reading, get her, her kind of books/novels or even magazines for that matter. Books can be a great gift to who are really into reading. Just make sure you know her genre/author. don’t forget to do a nice research first.

Arrange A Celebrity Meet

If you are that influential, how about you get her to meet her favorite person be it from Cinema or a writer, a cricketer, a fashion designer, anyone, she admires a lot. The immense pleasure that she will receive, you can already imagine.

For Her Kitchen & Home

She loves her kitchen & home as much as she loves you. She has given her hard work, passion & youth to build that beautiful home with your dad. Buying her home decor items will make her insanely happy. She might have told you about a painting that she saw in an art gallery, new curtain fabric or some nick-nacks that she saw online. Get her that stuff, surprise her…. Make her day.

home decor

A Nice Lingerie

Not every body can do this, but when your mom is your friend and you guys share every thing with each other, you might be knowing her taste in lingerie too. If she likes to stay in shape & flaunt her style, a designer piece of night gown or lingerie is not a bad idea too. It’s for that ultimate chic mom who is never outdated.

Arrange Her Date With Your Dad

She would not be able to contain her happiness and I am sure her happy tears will roll down on her pink cheeks as soon as she comes to know about this arrangement. A mother is a wife too, rekindle her memories. Arrange a special night for your parents. It would be nice gift from you to her that she gets to spend quality time with her husband which is a rare thing as she hardly gets time while juggling between home, work & her children.

It’s always a good idea that you spend nice time with her no matter what day it is. Mothers are special, they are God Sent, remember?

Hope you liked these ideas and will make your mother’s day a memorable one.

Let me know which idea you liked the most. Do you have your own ideas too that you might want to share here? Leave your comments.


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