Botanic Love Anti Acne Tea Tree Facial Exfolliant : Review

Botanic Love Anti Acne Tea Tree Facial Exfolliant

Botanic Love is a result of the hard work of a passionate mother who started curating skin & hair care products for her kids. Slowly her passion grew and she tucked her sleeves up to serve the community with organic… Continue Reading

How To Shop & Save Money During Festive Season?

Festivals fill our lives with joy & happiness by bringing us closer to each other. They make us forget our conflicts and worries. Starting with Navratri, the festival season has geared up and not to forget the wedding season. Every festival & auspicious occasion calls for… Continue Reading

Fuschia Radiance Face Mask Berry Blend : Review

Fuschia Radiance Berry Blend Face Mask (4)

Fuschia… it’s another intriguing brand for natural & organic skin care lovers. I have used few products from this brand and all of them have impressed me so far. Today I am presenting my views over Fuschia Radiance Berry Blend… Continue Reading

Bella Voste The Perfect Pout Sheer Creme Lust Lipstick Warm Tan 27 : Swatches & Review

Bella Voste The Perfect Pout Warm Touch (3)

Wearing a red lipstick on a dull day can really change the game. There are various shades of red and most of them are suitable to every skin tone. So you can try any shade of red, a bright one,… Continue Reading

Don’t Lose Hope, Lose Weight With MamaEarth Apple Cidar Vinegar For Mama

MamaEarth Apple Cidar Vinegar For Mama (6)

“I am in love with the shape of you.” It’s my current favorite song. One might hear me humming  it throughout the day. It constantly runs at the back of my head. It really inspires me to work on myself.… Continue Reading

How To Turn Your Hair Back To Black? : Indus Valley Indigo Powder

Indus Valley Indigo Powder (2)

Last week I got an email from a lovely reader who wanted to know if there is any natural way she can turn her grey hair back to black? Henna application only gives reddish brown or burgundy color, but she… Continue Reading

7 Effective Home Remedies for Hair Growth

7 Effective Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Regardless of the style and color, everybody wants healthy strong hair. Some people even pay a good amount of money for various treatments to make sure that their hair grows healthily and beautifully. While hair treatment sometimes costs a fortune,… Continue Reading