Citra Spot Less Fair Face Cream : Review

Citra Spot Less Fair Face Cream With Green Tea

After reviewing Citra Pimple Free Green Tea Face Wash I was getting many requests to review the counterpart face cream also. So here I am, writing about Citra Spot Less Fair Face Cream. I got the face wash and cream… Continue Reading

Bliss Of Earth Organic Castor Oil : Review

Bliss Of Earth Organic Castor Oil (2)

Castor Oil is a multi purpose oil. It is useful for hair, skin, body and even constipation. It is being used in cosmetic industry from so long. It is good for skin cleansing & nourishment, hair regrowth & strengthening, and… Continue Reading

Maybelline Color Show Bright Mattes Nail Paint – Brilliant Red M214

Maybelline Color Show Bright Matte Nail Paint Brilliant Red (3)

Maybelline Color Show Bright Matte Nail Paint range includes all the bright colors for your nails such as  Blazing Orange, Peppy Pink, Fiery Fuschia, Cheerful Coral, Lively Rose & Brilliant Rose. I am going to talk about Brilliant Red from… Continue Reading

U-Grow Inflatable Car Pillows & Mattress – Comfortable Travel for Kids

U-Grow Inflatable Car Pillows & Mattress (3)

Hello Ladies, Few weeks back I got a chance to attend the launch of a European baby brand in India – U-Grow. It is basically a Romania based group of companies which are the name behind the leading brands in… Continue Reading

L.A. Girl HD Pro Conceal Orange Corrector : Swatches & Review

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer - Orange Corrector (3)

Have you ever noticed, if you are trying to cover your dark circles using a concealer or foundation, it gives bit of ashy or gray-ish finish. Specially if you have very intense dark circles, you will not be much satisfied… Continue Reading

PCOS – You May Have It And Not Know It : #WomenWellness


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition in which a woman’s levels of the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone are out of balance. This can lead to the growth of ovarian cysts. The condition can give rise to many health conditions such… Continue Reading

Citra Pimple-Clear Face Wash : Review

Citra Pimple-Clear Face Wash (4)

His eyes questioning my eyes ‘Do you really need them’, and my eyes answering him back, ‘ Oh yes, I need to test them and let my friends know’ he sighed and gave up. I got Citra Pimple-Clear Face Wash… Continue Reading

Stay Safe With Himalaya Herbals PureHands Hand Sanitizer : A Review

Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer (4)

Hey Girls, Hope every body is happy & healthy. Monsoon is a happy season after all. But you know what else does monsoon bring for you? Germs & diseases. So it is very important to stay protected, specially the children… Continue Reading

Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Lipstick Serenity : Swatches & Review

Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Lipstick Serenity

It’s time to treat yourself with some lipstick love. I received Manna Kadar LipLocked Priming Lipstick in Serenity in my glamEgo box. Like always, I have been using it most of the times as it’s the newest lipstick in my… Continue Reading